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windshield expertsI cant imagine a day when we are ready to drive somewhere and find a crack on the windshield. We love the car we drive no matter which design or model, so it’s not the best way to start a day. Windshield is one of the most important items in a car. Windshield experts define as its name suggests it shields the travellers from external conditions such as dust, rains, wind and even bugs. It also contributes to the structural integrity of a vehicle in case of accidents by cracking and absorbing the impact thereby keeping us safe from unexpected circumstances. It become necessary to understand the process of replacing a damage windshield to know why sometime it is even better than getting it replace from an official windshield Experts or authorize car dealer. Safety is always important for everyone. Its always wise to have our vehicle fully equipped.

Why does a windshield crack?

Windshield Experts in NoidaWindshield experts say we have to look for all the possibility, of why the windshield get crack. windshield is made up of a laminated glass. That comprise of two separate piece of glass bond together with a layer of- PVB sandwiched between them. It get damaged by stone ,pebble or rocks flying from the passing by vehicle.  When parked under tree, by falling branches especially during monsoons. In case of a jerk or accident it is the first layer of the windshield that bears the impact. If the severity of the impact is higher, the PVB restricts the sharp shards of the windshield glass from flying onto the travellers. The front windshield is made up of laminate glass, the side and the rear window are made up of tempered glass that breaks down into smaller un-sharp edge pieces in case of an impact. Windshield Experts can help us fix.

Identifying a damage on the windshield

DSC06119-1-300x240It is important that if  there is a small damage on the windshield; it should be repair immediately before it lead to larger crack. Windshield Experts team inform us that if it is small chip-impact, it can be repair depending upon intensity and extent. It is not an obstruction in seeing thing clearly. But if there is a large crack, there is no other option but to replace it with a new windshield. Windshield repair & replacement is a special job which require well trained technician. A wrong fitment can lead to leakage, weak bonding of glass; damage to car body which may be dangerous for the passengers safety. At Windshield Experts staff gets training on international safety standard to use genuine product for customer safety and security. Technicians check the vehicle thoroughly for scratches on the body panels as well as check the damage on the windshield.

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