Windshield Insurance claim in Noida

Windshield world, Noida has tie-ups with a number of insurance companies. Customers who are their service partners are guaranteed cashless and hassle free services. Windshield Insurance policy in Noida ensures you the best service and value for money. This is another quality which sets us apart from our competitors.
Work done by Windshield World experts and the material used by us comes with one year warranty. It is noteworthy that this warranty is a one-time offer. Windshield warranties any leakage troubles, manufacturing defects or other defects you otherwise come across. This includes moldings and chips. We shall repair or replace only windshield glass which has defects.

 Repair over Replacement

At Windshield World, Noida, we keep the comfort of our customers our topmost priority. We promise speedy repair work to concerned customers. Above all, our broken windshield experts prefer repair over replacement as it is a cost-cutting solution beneficial to both customers and insurance companies. If the size of the crack is bigger than the size of, for instance, a 50-paisa coin, our broken windshield experts will have to replace the Windshield Insurance policy in Noida. If smaller, we will then patch up the damaged area to restore the structural strength of the screen and ensure perfect visibility. However, please note that according to insurance policy, the repair work shall not truncate the remaining term of your warranty period.

Guidelines of Windshield Insurance policy in Noida:

• Warranty period is of 1 year or 12 months.
• The warranty covers only normal road accidents.
• Further, claims have to be made within the warranty period at our Noida center.
• Also, repair or replacement under warranty claim shall be exercised at the physical location of Windshield World, Noida.
• Warranty exclude damages caused by collusion, fraud, intentional acts or acts of God.

We give importance to customer satisfaction and ensuring good-will among our customers. Moreover, we aim to give you a safer and a happier driving experience. At Windshield World, we consider good repute to be of more importance than short time profits. We work hard so that you associate the name Windshield World with trust and excellence and have no doubts about the quality of our work.

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