Windshield Glass Replacement In Noida

Best Windshield glass replacement in Noida

Experts at Windshield World, follow a step by step methodology for Windshield glass replacement in Noida. It is in some cases possible to repair but for major damages, replacement of car glass is more advisable. Windshield World recommends replacing the car glass if the crack is larger than the size of a 50 paisa coin.

Car glass replacement experts

For car glass solutions, it is imperative to understand that all glasses on the exterior of a car are not the same. Our windshield experts know this. Windshield glass replacement in Noida is a lot stronger and is made differently from the rear and side glasses. Windshields are made of laminated safety glass. This means that two layers of glass sandwich a PolyVinylButyl (PVB) layer to provide maximum safety in an accident. The PVB layer prevents shards of glass from hitting the passengers inside. Only the top layer is affected in a small mishap. Rear and side windows are made of temperate glass made by heating glass to very high temperatures and then rapidly cooling it. This process makes the window glasses much stronger than ordinary glass. Once cracked, the windows cannot be repaired. They have to be replaced.


How we, at Windshield World Noida, work

We are windshield experts and follow a set procedure while dealing with replacement of broken glass. • Access the damage: We access the extent of damage of the car cracks can be patched up or replacement is necessary for safety of passengers. • Remove damaged Windshield: It is mandatory that care be taken while removing the shattered windscreen to ensure that the Pinch Weld is not damaged. Pinch Weld is the frame which holds up the windscreen. • Use best adhesive: Windshield World uses premium OEM quality adhesive to give safe and reliable solutions. • Replace with new screen: All safety precautions and norms are followed while Windshield glass replacement in Noida. All installation processes are done in accordance with the norms set up by Windshield replacement in Noida is Safety Standards Council.

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